Human Resources Management

Ideal Vision Consulting provides guidance and support for developing an efficient and cost effective HR System for your organization and to help you to get a better return on investment, while opening up areas that you may not have ordinarily considered. Our HR Experts provide the following services:

  • Develop your HR system to fit with your HR strategy
  • Maximize the influence of HR on your organization
  • Get more from the systems you have
  • HR System Consultancy

Our HR System Consultants all have a background in HR. They can help you with the initial set up and configuration of your HR systems, undertake a systems health check to determine where efficiencies can be introduced and assist with interfacing to other related systems.

We consider the impact of your people data upon your organization and determine how you gain maximum return from this information. Action plans can then be devised at both the strategic and operational levels. Consultant visits will help you to explore the ways in which the policies and processes in your HR Department have been implemented and how they might be improved.

An HR Process and System Review look at your strategy and your approach to HR issues. Our consultant will explore all aspects of your processes and systems that support the operation of your HR Department.

Following the Review we will discuss where efficiencies can be introduced, producing a set of recommendations and an action plan to move your system forward.

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