System Maintenance

Ideal Vision Consulting offer system maintenance services for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 as well as for non-certified Quality Management Systems.

We offer a variety of systems maintenance packages to suit your individual circumstances. Whether you need for a single day's consultancy to review your current system, require a monthly visit or prefer to see our consultant just once a quarter, we can meet your needs.

Has your HR Manager / Compliance Manager / Food Safety Team Leader / Management Representative (MR) left the company? Is it getting harder to find or spare the resources to manage and coordinate your Management System?

More and more companies are struggling to maintain their system. Some are busy, expanding and need to outsource the running of their management system, while others are downsizing and are finding it hard to dedicate their resources.

Ideal Vision Consulting helps you in maintaining and continually improving your certified company so as align with the changing needs of the customer and organization. We continue to work with many clients after certification to better improve the efficiency of their activities and processes. We employ such techniques and Operational Excellence among others to accomplish “best-in-class” processes.

Ideal Vision Consulting helps organization in maintaining and continually improving your certified company so as align with the changing needs of the customer and organization. Certification is only the first step. Improvements accelerate after certification.

Ideal Vision Consulting is made available on a regular basis to;

  • Maintain systems (non conformance, corrective action, etc
  • Maintain documentation
  • Training of the existence employees
  • Training of new employees
  • Orientation to the new people on the implemented management system
  • Continue training, on latest topics and techniques.
  • Perform internal audits
  • Conduct management Review Meeting
  • Provide consulting assistance if required
  • Align documentation for changes in the organizational needs and structure
  • Improve existing documentation and Systems for better outputs and results
  • Closure of NCRs to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Liaison with the Certification Body for Surveillance Audits and closure of NCRs during these audits
  • Customer Audits and closure of corrective actions
  • Any queries related to Management Systems

The format and schedule of support is tailored for each individual company, as example we have clients who retain us for one day in a week to those who require one day a month. Not ready to outsource, but would like to reduce the burden of your management system, we can perform a one day assessment and make recommendations on ways you can reconfigure your program to reduce the time spent.

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